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Not Even Trying to Hide It

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on March 1, 2012

Clint Lacy, who claims his Across Our Confederation blog is “your voice in the Sons of Confederate Veterans,” has figured out the underlying cause of that fiery crash at the Daytona 500 the other night: letting non-white (or maybe just non-Southron) drivers into the sport. No, seriously:

Well Mr. [Brian] France [CEO and Chairman of NASCAR]; Did you get this “diversity thing” right? Did you achieve what you wanted to for this sport?

Because if your Drive to Diversity program was rolled out so that Latin-Americans could roll into dryer trucks filled to the brim with jet fuel you can give yourself a pat on the back.

I saw that wreck, and I have to say that it never entered my mind that it was the inevitable and foreseeable outcome of letting a Columbian, Juan Pablo Montoya, get behind the wheel. Shows you how clueless I am.

It’s Lacy’s conceit that his blog speaks for the rank-and-file membership of the SCV. It doesn’t, and he doesn’t, but his claim that it does makes it an SCV problem nonetheless. They ought to stomp publicly disavow him for attaching their name to foolishness like this, but I’m not holding my breath.


Update: Lacy has responded to this post, claiming that I have issued a call “for a non-for-profit fraternal organization to bring violence to my doorstep.” OK, fine, I’ll rephrase that. Done.

Of course, instead of defending his own words, or clarifying their meaning, Lacy doubles-down, saying that “as far as SCV members go, I would wager that most descendants of Confederate veterans probably aren’t too happy with Brian France’s vision for Nascar, a sport with its roots planted firmly in the South.”

He then goes on to explain that the real problem here is my lack of appreciation for my Confederate heritage. Because if I had a better appreciation for that, I’d understand why Latin Americans shouldn’t be driving in NASCAR. Or something. 😉

Image: Pierre Ducharme, Reuters, Star News Services

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