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Thoughts on Corey’s Departure from Blogging

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on January 12, 2014

As many of you know, Corey Meyer took down his blog, The Blood of My Kindred, last week after an incident in which a Confederate flag and a sack of coal, directed at him, were left near his place of work. Kevin Levin sees this as an act of intimidation, and I do, as well. Although several of us have been the targets of threats, violent rhetoric or efforts to make trouble at our jobs, Corey has been a particular favorite of folks employing such tactics; in the last few moths he’s been the target of both a Facebook group and an online petition set up explicitly to cause problems for him at work.

One of the first folks to respond to Corey’s announcement was Dave Tatum, who immediately adopted a “no true Scotsman” refutation, saying that “who ever pulled the stunt with the flag and coal ‘Does Not’ represent The Southern Heritage Community!” I’m not sure why Dave is so certain of this, given that fairly prominent online defenders of Southron Honour™ have repeatedly engaged in threats and endorsements of violence directed against bloggers they dislike. Perhaps Dave has a short memory, and forgot this gem from Carl Roden, posing as a young woman named “Amanda”:


My name isn’t important, but Amanda will do. I read your stuff on Carl Roden and I have some really interesting details about Mr. Roden from personal dealings I have had. I think you should know what you’re dealing with exactly. Believe me when I say he’s not somebody you want to just look the other way with. In fact I think he may be among the most radical and dangerous folks on that site you mentioned. I went there and—wow its pretty far out there. I had to post under a different name and make a new profile to come here so I could tell you. Sorry I don’t really have an account. . . .


It goes on like that for another 1,650 words.

Or this, just over a year ago, from Josephine Bass:


You all done it again! Such courage in the face of die hard Confederates deserves something. Just What, well, nothing comes to mind.
Bless Your Heart, I do think you are lucky that no one has shot you in the face or gone to your kids school and shot up the place. I wonder when the haters and dividers get their due in this country. Ah well there is always next year.


Bass thinks it’s my “due” to be shot in the face. And she posted that comment about “gone to your kids school and shot up the place” four days after a gunman slaughtered 20 six- and seven-year-olds at an elementary school in Connecticut. Neither Roden nor Bass have suffered any repercussions from Tatum’s revered “Southern Heritage Community” for this sort of foul behavior. There are other examples, but these will suffice.

There’s no reason whatever to doubt that the sort of person who would write something like this — or condone it — would hesitate leaving an anonymous “message” directed at Corey of the type he describes, if that person thought he could get away with it. Furthermore, I’m quite certain that if the person or persons behind this flag business at Corey’s school are found, they will will suffer no repercussions or sincere denunciations from the “Southern Heritage Community.” Because the reality is, they’re just fine with this sort thing, so long as it’s directed at someone they dislike.

The reverse is not true, of course; when I carelessly suggested that the SCV should “stomp” Clint Lacy, who was at the time in the habit of doing lots of really ugly race-baiting on a blog he advertised as being “your voice in the Sons of Confederate Veterans,” Lacy immediately shrieked that I was calling for a non-for-profit fraternal organization to bring violence to my doorstep. It was a stupid and careless thing for me to write, but I doubt that anyone — least of all Clint “No Apologies” Lacy himself — believed that was genuinely intended as incitement to physical violence. Nonetheless, I publicly retracted what I’d written and learned a lesson: be careful what you say and do, because it will always be turned back on you if it can be.

Yet, in the meantime, the True Defenders of Southron Honour™ continue to toss violent rhetoric like so much confetti. The day after Corey’s announcement, a foolish young man from Tennessee announced publicly his homicidal intentions to “wipe the yankee scum from the face of the earth.” Fantasy? Undoubtedly, but it’s completely typical of the mindset. It’s just who they are, and they have no compunction about it. The need to fantasize about killing “yankees,” to threaten, to intimidate, to skulk around and try and make trouble for people they dislike, is all part of the same toxic mixture of bile and resentment. It is a mark of their frustration at their own impotence to carry out their agenda through conventional and honorable means, on a level playing field. They seek to silence those they disagree with, by intimidation or threats of violence, if need be. Skulking around an empty school ground over the holiday break to leave an anonymous “message” for someone they dislike? It’s as predictable as it is shameful.

Know them. It’s who they are.



“We interrupt this blog. . .”

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Hall on August 23, 2010

. . . for a totally non-Civil War-related post.

Via Conor Friedersdorf, the City of Philadelphia is demanding that small-time bloggers purchase a $300 business license, whether they actually make any money or not. Seemingly, the only criterion is that the blog be set up so that it might potentially generate income, through automated ads or similar, common tools.

I doubt this effort will go very far — after all, income from blogging is taxable under prevailing tax codes anyway, and most small bloggers (myself included) don’t think of their effort as a business in any case, but it’s still a troublesome development.

Update, August 24: Oh, my, looks like I’ve really set off Robert over at Cenantua. Poor man’s so upset, he’s speaking in tongues! 😉 And just to clarify, he’s dead right about this.

Update 2, August 24: Matt Yglesias picks up on this story at CAP. One of his commenters pushes back:

Similar to the danger of barbers cutting people’s throats, a blog in untrained hands is a dangerous thing.

What if an untrained blogger does not know the proper colors that should be used for a pleasant reading experience that doesn’t strain the eyes? Or if he/she uses too much white in the background, causing unnecessary electricity usage all over Philadelphia?

It only makes sense that Philadelphia would protect its constituents from these dangers.


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