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“Able-bodied men, who can furnish good horses and a cheap uniform”

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on June 27, 2011

The Atlanta Southern Confederacy, June 25, 1861 (requires DjVu):


Is being organized. It is to consist of four companies of Cavalry, of eighty men each; four companies of Light Infantry, to act with the Cavalry, as Voltigeurs [i.e., skirmishers]; of two companies of Heavy Infantry, and one of Artillery.

The FULTON DRAGOONS have tendered to form part of this Legion.

This Legion is expected to go into Service before the 15th of August, but the companies to be selected IN A WEEK; and to be thoroughly drilled before going into service. The Fultoon Dragoon want about fifty able-bodied men, who can furnish good horses and a cheap uniform. Gov. Brown will arm us — the Legion is to be tendered through him.

Here is offered a fine opportunity for going into service, in a Regiment of novel organization, of picked companies. A distinguished member of the Confederate Congress, from Georgia, who gets up this Legion, will doubtless be appointed Colonel; the other field officers — Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Adjutant are to be appointed by the President, from experienced Army officers.

We appeal to the patriotism of our citizens, not only of Fulton, but of other counties, who feel disposed to join us in the Fulton Dragoons, to send their names at once to us, or to register their names at the store of Lieut. Williams. We have but one week to raise out number, to get in this Legion. All who want to go, inform us at once. Will our friends who can’t go encourage this movement?

B. C. Yancey, Capt. Fulton Dragoons.
Z.A. Rice, First Lieutenant.
Wm. M. Williams, Second Lieut.

A “legion” was a regiment-sized unit of combined arms — infantry, cavalry and artillery — intended to operate as a single, tactical unit on the battlefield. As the early battles of the war quickly expanded to include tens of thousands of soldiers on each side, though, the utility of independent legions waned, and most were broken up and their constituent companies assigned to larger field formations.

The Georgia Legion described here is better known as Cobb’s Legion, after its first commander, Thomas R. R. Cobb. The Fulton Dragoon Company being organized here was eventually incorporated as Company B of the legion’s cavalry component.


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  1. Tim from Alabama said, on June 30, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Ashley Wilkes no doubt saw this very same advertisement after the barbecue at Twelve Oaks. Either that or he was trying to get away from that crazy furniture throwing Scarlett. The young lieutenant who supposedly got sick and died had his death notification letter signed by Wade Hampton. The Cobb Legion cavalry unit may have been moved to his brigade. Ashley must have charged through the Wheatfield with Semmes (infantry) Brigade unscathed. In the movie he was captured at Spottsylvania Courthouse the following year just in time to make it home alive to see Melanie and deal with Scarlett again!

    • Andy Hall said, on June 30, 2011 at 6:44 pm

      I wondered if someone was gonna mention Captain Wilkes. . . . πŸ˜‰

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