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Happy Birthday, Mr. Bearss!

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on June 26, 2017


Today, Monday, is Ed Bearss’ 94th birthday. It’s also a great time to contact your U.S. Representative to encourage them to support House Resolution 1225, to award a Congressional Gold Medal to Mr. Bearss, “in recognition of his contributions to preservation of American Civil War history and continued efforts to bring our nation’s history alive for new generations through his interpretive storytelling.”


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  1. OhioGuy said, on June 26, 2017 at 10:22 am

    Could not agree more. We had Ed Bearss deliver a Cornwell Lecturer for the Southeastern Ohio History Center in Athens, Ohio, back in 2005. The title was: “Making Georgia Howl”: Southeastern Ohio Boys March to the Sea with Sherman. Needless to say it was excellent. He also gave a lecture to a unversity history class and participated in a session on Civil War medicine, in which a medical corps reenactor described how Bearss’ WWII wound would have been treated during The Rebellion. It was all in all a tour de force! He is a national treasure and certainly deserving of an Gold Medal.

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