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Another Review for Blockade Running

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on July 11, 2014


Andrew Wagenhoffer at Civil War Books and Authors has a review of the blockade running book. Money quote:


Civil War Blockade Running on the Texas Coast occupies a place among the better quality titles attached to the publisher’s expansive catalog of popular Civil War subject overviews. Along with the content highlights already noted, it is well stocked with area maps, photographs and other illustrations, including many graphical renderings of the ships mentioned. Though a bibliography is absent, sources used can be traced through Hall’s endnotes. An exhaustive scholarly history of West Gulf Blockading Squadron operations authored by one of the premier Civil War naval historians will be available later this year, but many readers with a particular interest in Galveston’s central place in those events will be well satisfied with Hall’s popular account.



h/t to my colleague Mark Jenkins for flagging this one.


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