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VMFA Trespass Case (Mostly) Resolved

Posted in Memory by Andy Hall on April 15, 2013

Tripp Lewis’ trespassing case at the VMFA appears to have been mostly resolved last week, with prosecutors and the VMFA reportedly agreeing to dismiss the case in exchange for community service and a few restrictions on Lewis’ future protesting activities. The agreement will become final in August. This seems to be a very good resolution for all concerned. Then there’s this:


[Lewis’] attorneys were hoping to clear the criminal case as quickly as possible so that they can concentrate on preparation for the upcoming civil suits, which will address the issues of civil rights violations, both in the case of TriPp being denied the right to honor his ancestors/carry a flag on the property, as well as violations against TriPp’s young daughter during the “arrest”.


We’ll see what happens, although I don’t see either of those claims getting much traction in a courtroom. “Violations,” really? Not in the video I saw. Regardless, the dispute over the VMFA always belonged in civil court, if they chose to go that route, in the first place.

On the other hand, Confederate activist/beard H. K. Edgerton recently announced plans team up with the odious Kirk Lyons to sue the U.S. government “over their complicity in the denigration of the Southern Cross.” Mere words cannot express how much I hope he follows through on this.



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