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Why is H. K. Edgerton Claiming Non-Profit Status?

Posted in African Americans, Memory by Andy Hall on October 14, 2012

Looks like some of the folks over at SHPG are questioning H. K. Edgerton’s stated appearance fee of $20,000. There seems to be some dispute over how much he actually collects, but twenty grand (plus mileage) is what he claims his services are worth. I happen to think it’s a pretty ridiculous amount for what he does, but that’s my opinion; you may feel otherwise. The bottom line is, Edgerton can ask for whatever he wants.

The far more important question, that his friends and supporters haven’t yet addressed, is why Edgerton continues to claim Southern Heritage 411 is a non-profit organization, and solicit donations with the claim that such contributions are tax-deductible:

To those of you who would like to make a tax deductible contribution to a non- profit organization and support H.K. Edgerton now, please make your checks payable to: Southern Heritage 411 and send it to:’
Southern Heritage 411, Inc.
P O Box 220
Odum GA 31555-0220
Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters

Neither of those things appear to be true now, or ever. I’m no attorney, but I have to think there are very serious legal ramifications in this for both Edgerton, who was listed as Chief Financial Officer for the for-profit company as late as 2010, and for Dewey Barber of Dixie Outfitters, who is the actual CEO and owner of the business, if the IRS ever takes an interest in this stuff.



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  1. Woodrowfan said, on October 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    “Why is H. K. Edgerton Claiming Non-Profit Status?”

    Because he’s a habitual, professional liar?? Just a guess.

    • Andy Hall said, on October 15, 2012 at 8:00 pm

      I have no idea what goes through his mind, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he believes every word he says. Regardless, it sure seems to me that the “Chief Financial Officer” of Southern Heritage 411 is way out on very thin ice.

  2. taxsanity said, on May 10, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    This is the price we pay for not teaching Southern War Ultimatums of 1861, nor do we teach Jeff Davis violent hatred of states rights, regarding slavery. Nor do we teach the killing sprees in KS by the man who got Kansas Act passed.

    In every US text book should be the speech of US Senator Davis Rice Atchison boasting in the most amazing terms of how he was killing to spread slavery, from 1856 on.

    He was the guy who got KS act passed.

    Atchison was the guy — by name — Charles Sumner was speaking about, in the two day speech, whereupon he was beaten almost to death.

    Not one “historian” in any book, any article, any speech, that I know of, has ever mentioned that simple fact. The guy who Charles Sumner spoke about, was David Rice Atchison. The very guy who got Kansas Act passed, then, according to Sumner, races out to Kansas to being his reign of terror.

    Very basic — does not get more basic.

    And Atchison worked for Jefferson Davis, and boasted of that too.

    If you don’t know about Atchison speech, you should. It’s probably the best lesson no one teaches, about the US Civil War. Atchison boasted — not admitted– he was killing to spread slavery, and boasted, he worked for Jefferson Davis and “the entire South”.

    He also boasted he would kill enough to spread slavery all the way to the Pacific.

    Jeff Davis not only defended him, and his actions, Davis named Atchison the “General of Law and Order” in Kansas, and claimed everything Atchison did was “Constitutionally required”>

    It was not just ONE US Senator bragging he was killing to spread slavery, and promising to spread it all the way to Pacific, it was the actions and rhetoric of others, boasting of the same thing at the same time, though they were more Orwellian and clever how they spoke. Atchison has a habit of bragging about things others would state, euphemistically.

    . Atchison promised to bring 5000 men next time (his earlier forces were not enough) and to simply kill every abolitionist in the territories. By the way, abolitionist to him was anyone that would not sign a pledge to be for slavery.


    When you realize Southern leaders hated — yes hated — states rights when it came to slavery, you won’t be so easily misled by double talk and endless misleading slogans.

    To say Lincoln was “against popular sovereignty” is a vile piece of slander. IN public (Lincoln Douglas debates( and in private (letter to Speed) Lincoln said he would uphold popular sovereignty if the incoming states actually wanted slavery, but it was clear then, and should be equally as clear now, that Atchison and the others killing to spread slavery, were there, and killing there, to spread slavery against popular sovereignty .

    We have allowed Southern apologist to claim their heroes were for state’s rights and will of the (white) people. Utter nonsense, if you learn the history of Kansas and Atchison.

    Atchison is the guy who got Kansas Act passed, then left DC immediately to being his reign of terror in Kansas, with promises of killing to spread slavery all the way to Pacific.

    If you don’t know that — and you don’t know Lincoln got back into politics because of what Atchison did and said, you really don’t know the most basic history of the 1850’s.

  3. Rblee22468 said, on June 8, 2016 at 8:26 am

    I just came across this post. I note that HK is in good company.

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